Nisha Ganatra's Content Review

I came across a tweet from Nisha Ganatra that contained a link to her recent writing. Probably she was expecting somebody will review it. So here I have done it below. You can find her original piece of writing at English Learning Day 1.

Post Proofreading

I am Nisha Ganatra from India and want to learn English. One of my friends advised me to write something and get it reviewed. However, I don’t have anyone to review my writing. Therefore, I decided to write online. 

Let’s start with something good to write. You can also suggest and I will write about it as well. Besides, it will improve my English especially my writing skills.

Ok, what do I write about?

Although lots of things are coming into my mind, let’s start with my likes and dislikes. First of all, I like drinking tea, not coffee. Besides, I am not friendly so I don’t talk much. On the other hand, I like to draw natural scenes. Such as sunset, sunrise, rivers, and ponds, etc. Also, I like chocolate, cooking, and driving a car.

People say your likes and dislikes tell everything about you. Is that true?

Sorry, I wrote things that you don't like. But please do read and correct me. I know I am not good at writing. That’s why I couldn't write much. 

Issues found in the Content

1) Long Sentences
2) Unnecessary use of words.
3) Broken flow between the sentences
4) Excessive use of words like and, that and so.

If you want me to review or proofread your content, feel free to comment below. 


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