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81 Spelling Mistakes People Often Do

English is not my first language and while learning I noticed there are some spelling mistakes that I do quite often. Those same errors I found in my friends' writings as well.

Here I am writing the wrong ones and what you should be writing instead:

Freind instead of FriendRecieve instead of Receive Acheive instead of AchieveAccomodation istead of AccommodationAdress instead of AddressAthiest instead of AtheistBeggining instead of BeginningBeleive instead of BelieveAbberration instead of AberrationCemetary instead of CemeteryCommittment instead of CommitmentConcensus instead of ConsensusConcieve instead of ConceiveCopywrite instead of CopyrightDefinately instead of Definitely Dependance instead of DependenceDesireable instead of DesirableDissapoint instead of DisappointEmbarass instead of EmbarrassEnviroment instead of EnvironmentFebuary instead of FebruaryForteen instead of FourteenGoverment instead of GovernmentGrammer instead of Grammar Harras instead of HarassHeros instead of H…

Nisha Ganatra's Content Review

I came across a tweet from Nisha Ganatra that contained a link to her recent writing. Probably she was expecting somebody will review it. So here I have done it below. You can find her original piece of writing at English Learning Day 1.

Post ProofreadingI am Nisha Ganatra from India and want to learn English. One of my friends advised me to write something and get it reviewed. However, I don’t have anyone to review my writing. Therefore, I decided to write online. 
Let’s start with something good to write. You can also suggest and I will write about it as well. Besides, it will improve my English especially my writing skills.
Ok, what do I write about?
Although lots of things are coming into my mind, let’s start with my likes and dislikes. First of all, I like drinking tea, not coffee. Besides, I am not friendly so I don’t talk much. On the other hand, I like to draw natural scenes. Such as sunset, sunrise, rivers, and ponds, etc. Also, I like chocolate, cooking, and driving a car.

Smart Lockdown, A Good Option?

The federal government suggested provinces to lockdown areas only from where new cases are coming. This smart lockdown approach is being introduced by considering the dire economic effects of full-fledged lockdown. However, this approach requires two things i.e massive testing and availability of data. Currently, 6500-7500 tests are being conducted daily. While the government has aimed to bring this number up to 25000 by the end of April. Besides, it seems quite early to implement a smart lockdown. Because even the insufficient data shows the death rate and the number of new cases is increasing. Plus, the actual number of cases and deaths is expected to be a lot higher than reported. Only a few countries applied smart lockdowns and that too after witnessing the peak. Given that, the government should uphold the lockdown until any pattern appears and increase relief services targeting the most vulnerable people. Besides, it is near-impossible to know if any area is low-risk without con…

21 Writing Tips for New Writers

There is FIRST day of everything. No matter you are learning to drive, starting a blog or planning to write a book. You have to begin somewhere. Why not learn from those who had started earlier? It will give you a headstart and prevent you from committing mistakes. 
1) Practice as Often as you Can (Ian Martinez Cassmeyer)To be good at something, you have to start doing it. Because by doing you know your weaknesses and then you can work on them. Take any famous sportsman or singer as an example, they could not reach where they are without practice. So do practice as much as possible. 
2) Just Start (Cady Hammer)The first step is always difficult. You doubt yourself. Feel unsure if you can complete what you started or not. Don't think too much. Just sit and start writing. You will start feeling good as you continue to write. 
3) Don't Compare Yourself to Others (Shirley McCann)We all are unique. If you don't agree then look at your fingerprints. You are unique among billions of…

Controlling Nerves During the Pandemic

Regardless of the number of cases, the pandemic induced seclusion has become a psychological issue for many. Besides, there is a fear of losing jobs and loved ones to make things worse. While the coronavirus has not even peaked yet, nobody can decide till when the lockdown will stay. Ministry of Human Rights issued guidelines on Friday for the public to care for others' mental health. It includes abstaining from associating any race or religious group with the virus, refraining from creating panic and stigmatizing those who got infected. However, there should also be some awareness campaign telling people how to cope mentally and help their families in this situation. Some of the ways could be reducing exposure to coronavirus news and reliance on social networking tools to stay connected. The protection of women and children confined in violent households must be also ensured. Further, putting one skills for social welfare might be the best cure for mental health.

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Fighting Must Stop

While Houthi rebels and Saudi-led coalition forces continue to fight, chances of the impending ceasefire are still there, according to the UN's assessment. It's a positive development, especially when the first COVID-19 case is reported in the war-torn country. However, the cases might be many more given the poor healthcare system of the country. With poor facilities and an undernourished population of 1.2 million to be fed, coronavirus poses serious risks to the human lives there. Thus ceasefire must be reached and the prominent Muslim States should urge Saudis and Iranians to convince their respective Yemini partners towards a peace agreement.

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