Smart Lockdown, A Good Option?

The federal government suggested provinces to lockdown areas only from where new cases are coming. This smart lockdown approach is being introduced by considering the dire economic effects of full-fledged lockdown. However, this approach requires two things i.e massive testing and availability of data. Currently, 6500-7500 tests are being conducted daily. While the government has aimed to bring this number up to 25000 by the end of April. Besides, it seems quite early to implement a smart lockdown. Because even the insufficient data shows the death rate and the number of new cases is increasing. Plus, the actual number of cases and deaths is expected to be a lot higher than reported. Only a few countries applied smart lockdowns and that too after witnessing the peak. Given that, the government should uphold the lockdown until any pattern appears and increase relief services targeting the most vulnerable people. Besides, it is near-impossible to know if any area is low-risk without contact tracing and mass testing. Furthermore, with relaxation in lockdowns, hospitals should prepare for an increase in the number of cases. While the government will do better by relying on data for decision making.

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