5 Writing Tips that I Personally Follow

When it comes to writing I can give tons of suggestions, but here some tips you must follow:

1) Don't Proofread at the Same Time

Just let the words flow. Don't put any wall in their way. Pick up the corrective scissors only when you are done putting the last full stop.

2) Avoid "that" in your Writing

Yes, try not to use "that" word much. The more you use, the longer your sentences will be and boring as well. Keep them short and interesting.

3) Make Use of Synonyms

Don't repeat words, rely on synonyms. If you have used "very large", write "huge next" and so on. You can always find replacements for any word by searching on google.

4) Keep it Simple

Especially if you are writing for an online audience try not to use jargon or uncommon words. People have so much to do nowadays, such as watching YouTube videos, chatting with friends and browsing the web, they will just close the tab if they can't comprehend. So pretend you are writing for 9 years old kid and write accordingly.

5) Fresh Pair of Eyes

If you are not sitting on the deadline, ask someone else to proofread. We are not good at finding our mistakes, so better leave this thing to someone else.  You can ring me as well to proofread your content ^_^.

I am done for today. Do you have any suggestions to share? or discuss what I wrote above? Feel free to write in comments. Also, share it with your friends on social media if you like.


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