A Divide Within

The attack on Sikh temple in Kabul, claimed by the Islamic State group, killed 25 people. Which shows although the group faced setbacks in its origin i.e Syria and Iraq, it is still able to spread in politically unstable countries like Afghanistan. Pakistan condemned the attack with the statement, "such despicable attacks have no political, religious or moral justification". An intra-Afghan agreement is necessary to prevent groups like IS. But it does not seem like happening given Mr. Abdullah rejecting September's presidential election that announced Ashraf Ghani victorious and declaring himself leader of the country. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried bringing both sides closer but had to leave without any achievement. Further, he announced a cut of $1bn in aid to Afganistan, saying "The United States is disappointed in them and what their conduct means for Afghanistan". Also, the US-Taliban peace deal will not matter much unless Kabul's elite unite. Otherwise, such a situation will only favor IS and its likes.

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