Rebellious Reminder

Missiles fired by Houthi rebels at Saudi cities over the weekend reminded of Yemen's unstable situation. Rebels targeted Riyadh and the town of Jizan, however, no causalities but some injuries were reported. The attack was launched on the fifth anniversary of Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. Riyadh had militarily supported the Yemeni government which resulted in devastated Yemen with the rebels far from defeated. Reportedly, Sana, Yemen's capital was bombed by Saudi coalition's jets on Monday in retaliation.  Given the coronavirus crises almost everywhere, all players in Yemen should agree on a ceasefire and fight the pandemic. As the UN secretary general said, this could be the opportunity to end hostilities all over the World. Although WHO says there are no reported coronavirus cases in Yemen, we can't be sure given the unstable situation there. According to WHO, the country is suffering from the largest cholera epidemic with 1.3 million reported cases. While things would have been worse had COVID-19 spread rapidly.  To prevent the situation from further deteriorating, fighting must be stopped and negotiations must be expedited. Further, it is vital that Yemen's future is decided by its people, and all sects and tribes should be given representation.

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