Shivraj Singh Chouhan Makes A Comeback

He was sworn in as the fourth time  Chief Minister of Madhya Pardesh on Monday, and proved his majority with the support of 112 MLAs on Tuesday. 92 MLAs from Congress and two independents voted otherwise. Two BSP MLAs, one of SP and one independent changed their side in his favor. He remained CM for 3 consecutive terms until he lost elections in 2018.  Mr.Chohan says his top priority is to handle coronavirus situation and has asked all MLAs for their help on constituency level. Collapse of Congress government was catalyzed by the resignation of its 22 MLAs. While 24 out of 230 Assembly seats remain vacant, and real strength of government will be gauged in and after bi-election to these seats. BJP lost power to Congress in M.P., Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh before 2019 Lok Sabha election. But Congress could not maintain the gains and lost a government. Congress's victory was narrow in M.P, worsened by the differences within. Further, it can't replace BJP unless it reinvents its coalition strategy. Where done, the party has performed better in elections and governance e.g Chattisgarh. The departure of Jyotiraditya Scindia to BJP, could be used as an opportunity to promote better rooted and diverse leaders stepping beyond feudalism. While BJP will also need to find a new equilibrium given the entry of Mr. Scindia. Although Mr.Chouhan as emerged as a strong leader, others are waiting in line too. While the change of guard in MP. will disrupt things in both parties beyond State boundaries.

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Detailed post can be found at The reign of Shivraj: On Chouhan's fourth term as CM


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