Towards Lockdown

Pakistan moves closer towards lockdown as non-essential services shutdown in Punjab and KP. Along with closure of educational institutes as decided in NSC meeting on 13th March, international flights are also suspended to curtail the virus. Compare to Punjab where the number of cases grew rapidly i.e 246 in few days, Sindh has taken more aggressive measures as it is leading in the numbers. Since 26th February when the first 2 cases were reported, the overall number of cases grew rapidly compared to other countries. Such as from 19 cases on 11th march to past 800 today. Given these facts and the inception of local transmission, the government is forced to take lockdown measures. Meanwhile, we also hear anti-lockdown voices including that of Prime Minister. They fear it will create unemployment and food security issues. Although harsh, lockdown seems to be the only solution until any cure is discovered. Further, the government will have to be more proactive to deal with the situation.

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