A Decision, Rational or Politically Motivated?

PM Imran Khan extended the lockdown for 2 weeks with some relaxations in it.  The decision was made at the National Coordination Committee's meeting on Tuesday. While some decisions were left to the provinces. A list of businesses that are allowed to function subject to the implementation of preventive measures was also announced. These efforts are to do a balance between social distancing and economic revival. As the death rate is lower than it was expected, the federal government seems to be partial towards taking a risk. While the Sindh government thinks otherwise. That's where there had been a difference in approach towards COVID-19 from the start. The number of cases might increase exponentially in the future, but the correctness of decision will be determined by the death rate. The question arises whether the decision was rational or politically motivated. Because eventually, it may result in human life losses and that is more than any financial loss.

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