Growing Pressure on the Government

The pressure is rapidly increasing on the government to do something for trade and industry amid lockdowns. Especially from those who have to pay salaries, and exporters worried about their shipments. Industrial leaders also met with the financial team on Wednesday to express their concerns. As time passes, with lockdowns enforced, the situation will get worse, forcing the government to announce a relief package or relaxation in lockdowns. Although lockdowns can't be relaxed as the number of cases is increasing, the best solution might be to have any mechanism for assisting workers directly. Which will save owners and traders the payroll expenses. It will also help the government in making a database of people needing direct assistance. Though public money must not be used to protect private capital. Also, keeping the payroll running during lockdowns is the responsibility of both the government and the private sector. It is time for employers to know that the more data they share about their employees, the more assistance they become eligible for.
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