Protecting the Guards

With more than 4000 confirmed coronavirus cases across the country,  dozens of paramedical staff in Quetta got arrested in clash with the police over lack of personal protective equipment. Due to this lack, several of them got infected. The President of Young Doctors Association warned to suspend essential services until necessary equipment is provided. Besides, DG ISPR told that the needed equipment had been dispatched to Quetta. The same situation is faced across different countries such as UK. Where medical staff is forced to treat infected patients without protection. Given that asymptomatic patients can transmit the virus too makes the situation riskier. Since February, when the first case was detected in Karachi, the lack of medical equipment was foreseeable. Only 1200 respirators at National Institute of Health in Islamabad, while 100,000 gloves across the country were available against the requirement of 110,000 and 300,000 respectively, said one healthcare expert. Although efforts are being made, with China donating medical supplies, it is unclear if they are reaching the concerned people. What made worse was the death of 2 doctors from Sindh.  One of them pleaded to take the virus seriously in a video message before his death. The pandemic has exposed many issues in governance across the globe, especially healthcare services. While, with overworked and under-equipped medical staff, there will be more Quetta-like-situations and more deaths that can collapse the whole system. We must protect our guards to win this battle against the virus.

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