Punjab Government Taking Risk

Amid Coronavirus lockdowns, the Government has allowed pharmaceutical, surgical goods, textiles leather, sports equipment, laundry and money exchange services to resume operations provided they implement precautionary measures and maintain minimum staff. But no mechanism for enforcing those conditions is devised. Punjab has seen 15 deaths with 1800+ confirmed cases and witnessed the spike greater than other provinces. Given this trend and Chinese experts' advice to extend lockdown by 28 days, this decision is quite ill-timed. Those experts also rejected theories of virus going away in summer and proposed social-distancing as a vital measure. Punjab's Chief and Health minister said they will act upon experts' advice but their decisions say otherwise. Although economic concerns during lockdowns are valid, the country's health system can not afford the situation getting worse. The government should must re-visit its decision especially given the acknowledgment from Asad Umer that lockdown has been effective in slowing down the number of cases.

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