Unexpected Relief

Pakistan got two extra months to comply with 13 out of 27 action plan steps, as FATF postpones its evaluation meeting till August due to pandemic. Although it is a relief, approaching it likewise will be a mistake. Pakistan was already on 6 months extension given in last February's meeting. Certainly, some progress was made such as conviction of Hafiz Saeed in that month but it was perceived as something done just to present at the meeting. Furthermore, we foresee the Government showing only minor progress on the 13 points and using lockdown as an excuse for another extension. Instead, it would be better to benefit from diminished economic activities due to lockdown and strive for full compliance. For the country's economic interest priority should be getting off the grey list rather than just avoiding blacklist. Besides, foreign observers think Pakistan takes cosmetic measures just to get extensions. Now is the opportunity to reject this observation as well.

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